How this leadership consulting & coaching firm improved time-cost savings and increased meaningful leads to 50% with CoPilot AI

"I've tried so many ways to build my business and CoPilot AI has been one of the best, if not the best. It's certainly the most rapid and most scalable way I've found to grow."

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Karen Brown, CEO of Velocity Leadership Consulting, has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world. She specializes in bringing leadership coaching and consulting services to the C-suite executive. However, a challenge for her is being able to seek out and reach senior executive leaders, specifically CEOs and COOs. 

In the past, her methods of reaching these individuals had fallen flat. She tried search engine optimization (SEO), paid Facebook ads, organic social media posts, and she regularly participated in peer advisory groups. 

At one point, Karen even went to her local library and downloaded a list of Colorado's top 50 CEOs and was cold reaching out to them manually one by one on LinkedIn. “Boy, what a fun time that was,” Karen quipped, adding, “I found every way that didn’t work before I found the way that did.”


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Finding the Solution that Worked

One day in a peer group, a mutual connection shared how he was scaling his business with CoPilot AI. He was successfully using it to help him connect and meet with his target audience. “I thought ‘wow’ if that’s how I can connect and meet with other C-suite leaders, I’m in,” shared Karen. Without hesitation, Karen scheduled a demo and immediately purchased CoPilot AI after seeing the massive number of target audience connections available.

Because she had tried so many other ways to generate leads within her tough-to-reach target audience and hadn’t been as successful as she would have liked, Karen was cautious. So she tested the platform herself for a month, stating, “wow this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Once I found CoPilot AI to be effective, I handed it to my personal assistant and now she does 80% of it and schedules appointments for me.”

Scaling Growth at a National Level

Scaling growth at a national level Before using CoPilot AI, Karen discovered she wasn’t connecting with C-suite executives on a national basis. She found that leaders in companies that had $35 million to $20 billion in annual revenue were her bread and butter. However, anyone she would meet at networking events would be from smaller companies based in Denver. “I wanted to scale at a national level,” she explained. 

To reach this niche on a large scale, she’d have to talk to around 30 prospects before she’d find one that was the best fit for Velocity Leadership Consulting. Now with CoPilot AI, in just one month Karen had conversations with ten connections and five of those became really solid leads that were a good fit and the right size company. “You can’t beat 50%,” Karen said, adding, “I’ve tried so many other ways to build my business and CoPilot AI has been one of the best, if not the best. It’s certainly the most rapid and most scalable way I’ve found to grow.”

I found every way that didn't work before I found the way that did; and that's CoPilot AI."

Improving Time-Cost Savings One Connection at a Time

Not only has CoPilot AI been instrumental in Velocity Leadership Consulting’s growth, but it has also helped Karen expand her professional network in ways she didn’t think possible. “I’ve made over 1000 connections with my target audience in a month thanks to CoPilot AI,” shared Karen. She was previously doing this manually and struggled to make 90 new connections a month. “The time I was spending doing that is the time taken away from actually running my business which ended up being costly,” Karen explained.

Karen summarized her experience with CoPilot AI by saying, “CoPilot AI is second only to organic word-of-mouth referrals. It’s the best lead connection and generation tool I’ve ever used.”

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