Uncover your hidden revenue with CoPilot AI

Find more interested leads with an A.I. driven, social lead generation tool.

CoPilot AI was developed for sales professionals to save time while driving revenue growth.

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At CoPilot AI, we aren’t just lead generation software.

We believe in maximizing authentic human connections for revenue growth.

Why? Sales prospecting is changing, and finding new customers is getting harder.

CoPilot AI is at the forefront of leveraging new tools like automation and A.I. to put you ahead of the game and make your lead generation as authentic as you are.

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How our social lead generation platform

finds your hidden revenue

Learn how our strategy, combined with cutting edge A.I. technology can take your

lead generation to a new level of efficiency.

Harness the power of social data

Social prospecting is a new concept that many sales professionals aren’t using. There is a pool of un-tapped data in each social network, and CoPilot AI lets you take advantage of it.

Find your
niche target

Our software acts as a business development tool that targets the niche you work with best. Filter your lead generation by geography, role, industry and more to find your ideal leads.  

Automate direct

We don’t post content. We reach out directly to those leads interested in talking to you. How do you make these business connections scale-able? Easy, our automation replicates your outreach.

Let our AI save
you time

Our software allows you to focus your time on those conversations that mean the most to your business. Our system takes a manual strategy and boils it down to 15 minutes a day to get you results. 

Sales reps at the largest firms are using CoPilot AI to build their sales pipelines

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uncover hidden revenue

Explore a new channel with new leads

Lead generation is changing. Email is the most common communication channel, however our inboxes are over-saturated and buyers are more savvy then before.

Add a new channel to your growth strategy and eliminate the need for outdated, low return tools.  

Save time and accelerate your growth

CoPilot AI is a platform where your business can connect with, engage, learn from, and do business with your ideal customers at scale.

Generate leads in your niche and close new business with a high return on your marketing investment. 

uncover hidden revenue

Our Products

CoPilot Pro

The CoPilot Pro product was made for individuals who work as the main source of revenue growth for their companies.

It’s a social lead generation product that builds your sales pipeline with interested leads.

uncover hidden revenue
uncover hidden revenue

CoPilot Teams

CoPilot Teams was made for a team of sales professionals who are looking to scale their teams efforts and add a new channel to their lead generation.

It’s a product that helps you grow your sales efforts with a team approach.

Sectors that use CoPilot AI to increase their revenue

Financial Services

We specialize in working with Financial & Insurance Advisors. CoPilot AI was created to help Advisors fill their pipeline with leads and have more opportunity to do what they do best – close deals with high-net-worth clients.

Commercial Real Estate

CoPilot AI helps agents connect with and start conversations with business owners, directors of operations or investment managers so that you’re always top of mind for when they need you.

Consultants & Agencies

Finding new clients is always top of mind for those who run their own practice. We help you put this work on autopilot so you can spend time serving your clients. 

Business to Business

Business to business marketing and sales have become competitive landscapes. Everyone wants a piece of the market. We help Marketing, Sales and Demand Gen teams generate warm leads to fill their pipelines at a competitive cost per lead. 

Recruiting & Executive Placement

Recruiters are no strangers to using social media to reach out to potential candidates, but there has never been a tool to start direct engagement with your target market without the excess noise. Enter CoPilot AI.  

What our customers say 😍

“Copilot is an automated solution that I can depend on… Every single day I know that I will get at least 2 or 3 responses from targeted leads and it really changed the entire face of my business.”

CoFounder & CEO at Flex5

What our customers say 😍

“It works with relatively little effort. I find pretty quickly people are open to a phone call or a coffee or a meeting.”

Greg Marchand

Financial Advisor

What our customers say 😍

“Automated Lead Gen and Networking > Forced Growth. With this engine working for you, you can passively collect potential prospects at your dashboard where you can then actively analyze and decide on which are a good fit.”  

Trevor E.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

What our customers say 😍

“I really love how it takes the grunt work out. CoPilot takes the timepiece out and helps us find the right people. We closed our first client less than 2 months into the CoPilot service.”  

Alice Chin

Marketing Agency

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