Thinking outside the box and partnering with CoPilot AI allowed Annissa to get her message across to her hard to reach audience, the C-Suite.

"CoPilot AI is a great way to expand your reach and test your message – and LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get that message out to your ideal audience.”

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Annissa runs a successful Fractional Chief People Officer business where she helps develop modern HR strategies to help her clients achieve their business goals and create a place where people love to work.

Having recently invested in her branding and website, Annissa wanted to spread the word of her newly distinguished value proposition but needed an effective avenue to do so.

Annissa had tried various marketing tactics to find more clients, including manually prospecting on LinkedIn, but nothing was able to get her message out to the audience of C-level leaders that she was targeting, at the volume she needed.

She required a digital avenue for connecting and starting conversations with her prospects. Doing business online made more sense as her business was global and she needed to cast a wider net with her marketing efforts.




Fractional Chief People Officer




While discussing tactics with a peer, Annissa was told about CoPilot AI. He told her he was having conversations with people that he wouldn’t have been able to without the software, and it was changing the nature of his business growth for the better. 

Annissa didn’t hesitate and signed up for CoPilot AI. Working with our Customer Success Team, she was able to take the tested CoPilot AI messages and with a little tweaking, make them her own.

By keeping her messages to the point and actioning her leads through the CoPilot AI dashboard, she quickly realized CoPilot AI was not just a way to get her name out to her ideal prospects and book them into meetings.

She could also test her value proposition and get feedback on what her services and products encompassed.

“I love the use of technology. You need to constantly experiment in the bus dev area. People used to tell me I had to drive around to lunches for business development, but it didn’t seem like an effective use of my time.”


Working with CoPilot AI has allowed Annissa to identify a new market for her services and give her first-hand research she needed to move forward with a new offering.

With a whopping 45% of her niche prospects connecting with her, Annissa has been talking to people all over the world and generating interest in her services within her ideal customer base.

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