Moving to a new state posed a problem for this successful Financial Advisor.

CoPilot AI helped him to grow a network of referrals, resulting in closing a new client.

"You essentially pay to message your prospects and make connections with people who are interested in your product or service."

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Shelby is a successful Financial Advisor who was facing a challenge – he was moving to a new state. He needed a way to quickly grow his network of potential new clients and referrals. 

A new location creates a lot of potential for a Financial Advisor who specializes in giving financial assistance to registered nurses. But getting a foot in the door without a network is tough. 

Driving from hospital to hospital to run lunch-and-learns was a starting point, but there were only so many hospitals to visit in the area, and road traffic prevented multiple visits per day.

Shelby needed a new solution to grow his client base in this new city. 


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While searching for a digital avenue to talk to more nurses, he came across CoPilot AI and the idea of using LinkedIn to reach out to his target niche. He spoke to CoPilot AI as well as other services but landed on CoPilot because it sounded like an interesting concept. The price was right to give social lead generation a shot.

Working with his dedicated Customer Success Representative Jacob, Shelby quickly learned how simple and effective social lead generation can be. 

CoPilot AI was even able to identify some quick improvements in his LinkedIn profile, which allowed him to showcase his value proposition for nurses and get started in his new state on the right foot. 

Within a month of the service, Shelby saw a lot of action from his ideal prospects. He was connecting with 26% of his niche target and moving another 26% of those prospects into valuable conversations.

Nurses were interested in talking to him, and he was making more and more connections and referrals in his new city. 

CoPilot AI gave him the ability to message his leads through the CoPilot AI dashboard, and then follow up with them when they were ready to talk about his services.

“You don’t have to lift a finger on your account."


After only 3-months on the service, Shelby closed a new client!

He has over 1,100 new connections from CoPilot AI, and his new prospects are giving him positive reviews online without being even being asked.

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