How this Financial Advisor found more high-net-worth prospects in his niche market with social selling and CoPilot AI.

“Taking advantage of CoPilot AI's automation, easy-to-use dashboard and editing his messages himself has allowed him to close a very valuable, ultra-high-net-worth client.”

This Financial Advisor Firm isn’t your typical wealth management group, and the particular professional highlighted in this case study isn’t your typical Financial Advisor. His team targets the high-net-worth and doesn’t take on just anyone as clients. 

Finding high-net-worth prospects can be difficult. They don’t exactly advertise that they’re looking for someone to manage their money. His team’s process focused on using LinkedIn to follow specific industries and keep an eye on business news and as well as manually prospect for potential future clients.

Testing to Find the Right Target Audience

After some testing, he found a niche within Founders and C-Suite executives of large organizations (ideally in the high tech and A.I. space). He and his team spent a lot of time on LinkedIn, researching on Google and paying attention to major sales as well as pre and post liquidity events. 

He stated, “I saw the success of how this could happen – but its super manual,” adding, “I needed a way to automate it so my team could generate some real activity.” Having a finger on the pulse of tech as a manual process is difficult when everything can change in an instant.

CoPilot AI was reliable and gave us flexibility."

Reliable, Automated Prospecting with CoPilot AI

He commented, “We talked to a couple of different RIAs and they said they were using different automated systems on LinkedIn. We looked at some options but they all had someone doing the calls for you which made them way too expensive. I needed technology and a platform that was reliable and gave us flexibility.” So, he kicked his prospecting into high gear with CoPilot AI.

Connection Rate


Response Rate


Quantity and Quality Prospects to Talk to

To start his strategy, he initially started to target individuals in the A.I. space. He connected with many but didn’t get much traction when it came to actual meetings about money management. He then tweaked his targeting to focus on Founders and the C-Suite and his messaging to focus on liquidity. 

Having started with the target of A.I. individuals, his LinkedIn second degree opened up his network and started connecting him with not only more individuals, but the right individuals. This one-two punch strategy worked wonders for him and his team.

After relying mostly on expensive magazine advertising, referrals or events, they saw action right away with CoPilot AI because of the speed that social selling allows. Taking advantage of CoPilot AI’s automation, easy to use dashboard and editing his messages himself has allowed him to close a very valuable, think ultra-high-net-worth, client through the CoPilot AI system.

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