We're on a mission,

to create a kinder capitalism by enhancing digital human interactions

We believe in maximizing authentic and mutually beneficial human connections for business growth.

To create a place where our customers can have more meaningful conversations, at scale.

Our values


We use our personal ambitions to focus us on solving our customers problems and making their lives easier, day by day


We're always innovating to create a simple yet powerful software tool where any person, with any level of experience, can use our product to achieve their goals


We commit to create a product that breaks the mold of tradition and disrupts the current market of out-of-date sales and prospecting methods

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Every day we strive to make prospecting and sales more fun for ourselves, and our customers, by bringing a more human element to prospecting


We create trust and transparency by helping our customers uncover new opportunities, supporting their needs, and listening to their stories


We value our diverse and energetic team. We celebrate the differences within ourselves while supporting the differences of our customers

At CoPilot AI, we are…


Meet the team

copilot ai

Henry Bee

CEO, Co-Founder

copilot ai

Jesse Chen

CTO, Co-Founder

copilot ai

Dave Lee

Founding Engineer

Mojan Butler

Director of Development & Partnerships

Victoria Bitove

Director of Growth Marketing

Sean Brouwer

Lead Product Designer

Peter Bell

Director of Customer Success

James Zhan

Director of Product & Design

Takahiro Kato

Principal Engineer

copilot ai

Jackson Chao

Product Manager

Jonathan Grall

Customer Success Team Manager

Nicholas Hubert

Senior Product Manager

copilot ai

Desmond Poon

Senior Software Engineer

copilot ai

Amy Zhu

Product Designer

Philip Leung

Staff Software Engineer

Niamh Feely

Senior Account Strategist

Kelly Ngan

People & Culture Manager

Trupti Shirodkar

Senior Product Designer

Michael Norris

Growth Marketer

copilot ai

Luke Auffenberg

Account Strategist

Alex Chu

Junior Engineer

Juhui Lee

Junior Engineer

MJ Suyom

Customer Success Rep.

Jieun Lee

Junior Engineer

Carlos McCallister

Customer Success Team Manager

Sarah Seplin

Account Executive

Nylah Eckford

Account Strategist

trevor kim

Trevor Kim

Account Executive

Dmitrii Pliasunov

Account Strategist


Jordan Angulo

Account Executive

Jordan Yeung

Account Executive

Max Polubiec

Account Strategist

Yulia Osharova

Account Strategist

Danna Salloomi

Account Strategist


Addison Tessema

Account Strategist


Sam Habib

Account Strategist

Ti Wu

Product Manager

Shan Naziripour

Staff Software Engineer

Keefe Liew

Product Designer

Shawn Syjueco

Product Marketer

Lucy Huang

Communications Designer, Intern

Iknoor Atwal

Marketing Analyst

Tyler Goncalves

Software Engineer, Intern

Rene Reid

Software Engineer, Intern

John Vainio

Senior Software Engineer

Branden Tam

Software Engineer, Intern

Kenny Cheng

Software Engineer, Intern

Emiru Tsuno

Software Engineer, Intern

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Meet our advisors

Peter Smyrniotis

Current director at Victory Square Technologies, and Spark CRM. Former CEO at HealthSpace Data Systems. 20 years in experience in enterprise sales and 10 years experience in startup investing and advisory.

Jean-Marc Bougie

Former CEO of Hillcore, $4.3B PE firm. Ex-Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets. 30 years of experience in investment banking and private equity.

Qingchen Wang, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Business Analytics, The University of Hong Kong. Kaggle.com grandmaster (top 130 out of 2M). Previously worked on predictive analytics problems for companies such as Facebook, Yelp, Expedia, Airbnb and more.

Our awards and recognition…

“Transparency is by far my favorite thing about CoPilot AI. I am a big fan of incremental improvement, and being able to dive into the company books and see exactly how we are doing whenever I want is very motivating. 

Sean Brouwer

Lead Product Designer