Why LinkedIn is key to your social prospecting strategy

Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn's professional network

Social prospecting: then and now

The way we engage, connect, and interact is fundamentally changed. That means that yesterday’s business strategies are as good as paperweight in today’s world. Why? Because technology has evolved, attitudes have evolved, and expectations have evolved.

Age of the Seller

Traditional prospecting that puts the focus on in-person meetings where business owners and representatives manage the entire conversation

Age of the Customer

A global, accessible pool of information that customers can tap into, do their own research, and self-qualify their fit to your product or service offering

Effective selling requires an understanding

of where customers are, how they navigate

between various streams of activity,

and then to interact with them.

Harvard Business Review

The massive opportunity of using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional community with over 756 million users globally, and is rated the most trusted network (Business Insider). Plus, 55 million companies from around the world are on the platform.

From the largest multinationals to the independent boutique store down the road, LinkedIn is both the global Wall Street and Main Street of the digital era.

LinkedIn’s community represents everything from the Fortune 500, to the world’s top executives, to governments around the world.

This is a channel that you can’t ignore or gloss over. It’s a must-have in your arsenal if you’re social prospecting, social selling, or looking to generate leads and prospects.

756 million

users globally

55 million

companies from 200+ countries

4 out of 5

LinkedIn users are decision makers


Will you be able to prospect on LinkedIn like a pro?

Test your LinkedIn knowledge

Find your prospects, customers, and partners

Your audience lives on LinkedIn. They’re there to do business and they’re there to connect and engage with other professionals like you. According to Hootsuite, there are over 61 million senior-level influences on the platform. That’s huge potential you might be leaving on the table. C-level executives, individual contributors, and everything in between are represented on LinkedIn. They’re ready to hear you, if you can find the right way to be heard.

“[LinkedIn] exists to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce… it means enabling companies to connect with their customers and employees virtually as effectively as they did face to face”

Ryan Roslansky

CEO, LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives you a critical opportunity to reach your audience, no matter who they are, directly.

Not a call stuck at the reception desk. Not an email lost in the digital void. But a direct line to the inbox and the phone notifications of key decision makers.

An untapped competitive advantage

This is an unprecedented level of access to reach your audience, but it’s often not fully used. Why? Because it’s difficult to do lead generation on LinkedIn effectively.

Direct outreach is not simply about sending as many messages as possible. Otherwise it ends up simply adding to the noise of someone’s inbox and gets ignored

It takes skill and data-driven improvements to engage in effective conversations on LinkedIn. And it takes a great tool to scale that outreach to a broader audience without burning all your time.

But with the right tool and the right strategy, anyone can get value out of LinkedIn as a very effective growth channel.

"78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers.”

Ryan Roslansky

CEO, LinkedIn

How to generate leads on LinkedIn like a pro

You can only harness the full power of LinkedIn through a focused and intentional strategy. That’s where you need a LinkedIn lead automation solution that combines the best of artificial intelligence (AI) and market-leading approaches.

Lead generation software helps you target your key audience in a scalable, value-driven, and personalized way. Enhance digital human interactions using technology to create relationships, connections, and conversations at a level you never could before.

And yes, you can do it in a way that cuts through the market noise and enables you to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Ready to generate hundreds of leads on LinkedIn?

Find the right LinkedIn lead generation solution

Any purchase you make needs to level you up: whether that’s your sales revenue, hiring pipeline, memberships, clientele, and more. The market is filled with tools. But tools are only useful if they can solve problems.

A LinkedIn Lead Generation solution must have:

  • secure social prospecting automation
  • market-leading messaging and outreach recommendations
  • smart inbox that can handle large amounts of messages efficiently

Getting quality conversations in your inbox isn’t magic. It’s a skill you develop, so it’s key to find a solution that will truly be partnered with you and enable you to be successful in the long-run.

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Is LinkedIn automation right for your needs?

There are many ways you can use LinkedIn with an automated outreach tool. In fact, you might find that there are multiple objective you’re looking to accomplish. Here are just some examples:

Get qualified leads

Connect with key business decision makers directly and grow your sales and revenue pipelines

Recruitment and hiring

Reach high quality candidates and make an impactful impression on you, your business, and your culture

Thought leadership

Solidify yourself as a leader in your space by sharing high value content directly to your network

Acquire new clients

Find clients to work with all year-round without blowing your budget (and your calendar)

Grow your network

Expand your network at scale and stay top of mind within and beyond your professional community

Raise capital and fundraising

Grow your business and connect with investors and venture capital locally and globally

"LinkedIn and CoPilot AI made these connections for me I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Aaron Curry

Partner, Catalyst

What AI-powered lead generation offers you

Artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t need to be intimidating. AI is all about enabling you to work smarter. The more you use it, the more personalized it gets, and the more valuable it becomes.

That’s a game changer, because it turns automated lead generation into intelligent lead generation, so you can scale well without compromising on quality and excellence.


75 million

messages sent

4 million

connections made

1 million

quality conversations

Scale your LinkedIn outreach

Run campaigns to your first and second-degree networks to nurture and grow your target professional audience

Make social prospecting smarter

Reach your audience in a natural, effective way through intelligent automation and real-time A/B testing

Amplify your reach and voice

Grow your outbound operations across your entire team without sacrificing on quality and efficiency

See how LinkedIn and CoPilot AI can grow your business

Lead generation for the modern economy

The way we engage, connect, and interact is fundamentally changed. That means that yesterday’s business strategies are as good as paperweight in today’s world. Why? Because technology has evolved, attitudes have evolved, and expectations have evolved.


Financial advisor grows his clientele by connecting and networking with his target audience at scale


Digital marketing agency accelerates their customer pipeline and expanded lead volume


Co-founder kickstarts sales operations for his new startup and reached key buyers on autopilot

Ready to get started?

Social prospecting is an investment today and into the future of your success and your business. It takes minutes to start your outreach, and it’s most successful when you consider these:

Your target audience

Sometimes called your Ideal Client Profile (ICP), focus on reaching out to people that you know are most interested in your product or services, and are in the relevant job roles, geographies, and more.

Your messaging

The more you understand your audience, the more riveting your messaging and outreach will be. Focus on their pain points, how your solution can solve their problems, and what value you can add. Establish your credibility and your expertise in the market.

Your ongoing strategy

Lead generation gets you in front of your audience directly. But remember: building relationships is critical in the long-term. The quality conversations you get early on will only turn into impactful opportunities if you continue to nurture, engage, and grow your network