Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

Easily find more leads on LinkedIn, in half the time.

We know that Financial Advisors face unique challenges when it comes to finding more leads and generating new business:

Sourcing high-net-worth clients.
Spending too much time doing lead generation.
Relying on in-person meetings/networking to source business in a post pandemic world.


LinkedIn has over 600 million users

40% of LinkedIn users check their profiles daily

44% of users earn over $75,000/year

CoPilot AI helps you…

Pin-point high net worth leads

Qualified lead generation for financial advisors.

Target 401k rollover, white collar executives or years of experience so you can find your most ideal leads..

Grow your network of new business & referrals

Let us grow your network while you sleep. Take a digital approach to lead generation and let our software do the leg work for you, even in a post-covid world where in-person meetings aren’t possible.

Remain compliant

We work with you to get approval from compliance so you can drive lead generation and revenue through our system.

Why CoPilot AI for Financial Advisors?

1. You'll get assigned a dedicated Account Strategist that will help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do best.

2. We’ll work with you to identify your ideal target audience and create targeted lists that will reach 100s of leads that you otherwise would not have been able to.

3. We'll automate LinkedIn connections, outreach and follow-ups so you can reach more leads at scale.

Discover how real life Financial Advisors are using LinkedIn Lead Generation and CoPilot AI:


Michael Bommarito

Financial Advisor

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"CoPilot AI blew me away when they showed me the quality of people I could speak to using LinkedIn."

Carl Issal

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