How CoPilot AI's LinkedIn Lead Automation

software works

Personalized quality conversations with your target audience

Personalized LinkedIn automation in three steps


Identify your target audience

Expand your network at scale with value-driven and personalized outreach


Create your campaign

Automate outreach on CoPilot AI and build relationships


Get quality conversations

Personalize and handle your inbox responses efficiently

Product Features

CoPilot AI enables anyone to tap into the full potential of LinkedIn for social prospecting, social selling, and lead generation.

Cut through the market noise and get directly in front of your target audience, fast.

Prospecting Campaigns

Expand your network at scale with value-driven and personalized outreach

Industry-specific messaging

Use our tailored message templates to get directly to the decision makers

Metrics reporting

Take a data-driven approach and measure how well your campaigns are performing

AI-powered Inbox

Automatically manage messages based on interest level, value, and more

Nurture Campaigns

Stay top of mind and active with your first-degree LinkedIn connections

Thousands of integrations

Track, prioritize, and manage leads, no matter your current and future tech stack

The power of AI for everyone

The only LinkedIn Lead Generation platform that’s both your autopilot and co-pilot. Ready for takeoff?

Your auto-pilot

Cut out the tedious sales prospecting processes with our AI-powered platform

Your co-pilot

Build effective campaigns with our market-leading outreach strategies and practices

“LinkedIn and CoPilot AI made these connections for me I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Aaron Curry, Partner

The business impact of LinkedIn Lead Generation

Engage high quality, valuable clients to increase revenue

Build relationships at scale with your target audience

Kickstart and scale your sales strategy and operations

Don't just take our word for it…

Ready to engage with your target audience?