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Build your sales pipeline and uncover your hidden revenue with social selling software

User friendly dashboard

Our dashboard is easy to use and keeps all your leads in one place therefore saving you time and energy.

A.I. categorization

CoPilot AI’s smart inbox alerts you when a lead wants to talk allowing you to focus on the highest opportunities.

Follow up messages

If a lead isn’t ready to talk now, our follow up messages can re-engage them in the future. Copilot gives you another chance to build your sales pipeline.

Lead tagging

Let your team take control of their pipeline with tagging for prospects status and follow up. Manage your sales process the way you want.

A/B testing

Run multiple campaigns to test a new market or message. Take your learning to other aspects of your business.

"I really love how it takes the grunt work out. CoPilot takes the timepiece out and helps us find the right people. We closed our first client less than 2 months ago into the CoPilot Service"

Alice Chin, Your Other Half Solutions

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Our social selling software will make you the hero for your clients. Start seeing results now.

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800 Invites / Month

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