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Woman using a Macbook

Tools of the Trade: Software and Tech We Use and Love

As a tech company, we not surprisingly use a lot of software and tech ourselves! So we decided to round up our favorites to share with our readers.

business woman on cell phone

What are Hot Leads & Where Can You Find Them?

A simple "temperature check" of your leads can determine where they are in the sales funnel. But what exactly are hot leads and where do you find them?

What We’ve Learned in Business (and Life) After a Month of Self-Isolation

It's been just over a month since self-isolation orders, so we talked to a number of CoPilot AI employees to discuss what we've learned in business and life from this.

Women meeting with laptop

The Do’s and Don’ts of Manually Prospecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for prospecting. But it can be tricky when just staring out. So we cover the do's & don'ts of prospecting on LinkedIn.

Man in suit on face time digital networking

Digital Networking in a Time of Social Isolation & How to Get Started on Your Strategy

In a time of social isolation prospecting for new business can suffer. But it doesn't have to if we revamp our strategy to include digital networking.

girl working on laptop in kitchen

How to Build a Strong LinkedIn Network During Social Distancing

Now is a great time to focus on your virtual networking. Here is how you can build a strong LinkedIn network and the benefits of doing so.

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