New Year, New CoPilot AI Features

A new year means a set of new CoPilot AI features for you to love! 

With the year being 2020, we thought it would be fitting that our latest product update center around a cleaner, simpler view (2020 vision, get it?).

This release focuses on giving you a cleaner, more organized inbox, and outbox, so you can better keep track of conversations you’re having with prospects. Overall, the release aims to make users’ lives easier and more organized while using CoPilot AI.

So what’s new? Below is a detailed breakdown of what’s been updated:

Track the status of messages with new outbox & sent views

Easily and effectively keep track of your sent and scheduled messages. The new outbox and sent views give you the status of messages that are waiting to be sent to LinkedIn, as well as those that have successfully gone through.

View all conversations like a traditional email inbox with 'list view'

View your conversations with prospects in a cleaner, more condensed layout, similar to a traditional email inbox. This gives users more visibility into all their ongoing conversations, allowing you to manage a large number of conversations at a glance.

Snooze but don't lose with the updated snooze feature

Prospect interested, but not ready to talk until next quarter? Not a problem with our updated snooze feature. Now you can snooze a conversation until a later, specified date right from your inbox. You’ll receive an email reminding you to take action once the conversation is no longer snoozed on the date and time you chose. 

We're super excited for this release, and we hope you are too!

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