How Sales Organizations are Scaling Digital Prospecting with AI During the Pandemic

Victoria Bitove

June 30, 2020

We’re sure it’s a surprise to no-one that complex, enterprise-level organizations are struggling to scale their sales teams during social isolation and the current global pandemic. 

I think it’s also safe to say we can no longer think of COVID-19 as a temporary situation we need to “power through”. If we’ve learned anything in the last 4-months, it’s that some of our new social distancing practices are here to stay for the long-term. No more coffee meetings in busy cafes with prospects on a Tuesday afternoon.

No more one-day business trips across the country to shake hands to “seal the deal” (Mother Nature is probably happy about this one!). And certainly no more mid-week, 170K attendee conferences (yes, that was the anticipated size of Dreamforce 2020) to network or see new products in person.

The New Normal

We’ve told you about the benefits of digital prospecting during the age of social distancing. It’s truly an easy and affordable way to build your sales pipeline if you have a target, value prop, and sales strategy. Since COVID-19 became an issue affecting sales professionals, CoPilot AI has facilitated over 480,000 new connections for their customers of which 33,000 have been identified by our AI as “interested” based on the sentiment of their textual responses. That’s a lot of prospects! 

But, the process can be a little more difficult with a complex sales team that targets various geographies, sells different product lines, and wants to avoid any overlap.

Let's Get Digital

Scaling into a fully functional team strategy is tough enough without a pandemic looming over your team. With trust at an all-time premium and millions of people working online, one-to-one prospecting is more effective than ever but has been only available to individuals until now. 

That’s why CoPilot AI has fully launched our Team’s Platform. The key advantages include:

  • Run multiple accounts under one business - split your team based on territory, product line or opportunity 
  • Admin overview - manage all users, campaigns, metrics and messaging in one view
  • Shared inbox - our shard database prevents your team from contacting the same person twice
  • A/B campaign testing - compare metrics across multiple campaigns to get valuable insights into what works best for you

So, what’s next for a large or even enterprise team that used to be fueled by schmoozy dinners and expensive in-person events? No one can be quite sure, but at least CoPilot AI can ease some pain. Talk to our team today to learn more.

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