Digital Networking in a Time of Social Isolation & How to Get Started on Your Strategy Today

Victoria Bitove

April 9, 2020



1. The action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. 

When many professionals think of networking, they think of the end game as finding a new job. While this can be true, many miss the opportunity to network to find prospects, therefore helping to fuel revenue growth. It may seem like an obsolete concept to many during a time when social isolation is the law, but don’t dismiss it so easily.

Turn your in-person networking to online

Hear us out. 

Yes, there are limited opportunities to network in person right now. Events and public gatherings have been canceled (for good reason) and most professionals that can, are working from home. 

But our governments aren’t stopping us from networking. Many are sending out the opposite message – although we cannot network and connect in-person, we’re encouraged to use digital channels and tools to stay connected. We’ve been encouraged to phone or video call our friends, families, colleagues and why not… even potential business prospects.

Your strategy will change, but digital networking follows the same principals

Reaching out and networking with people virtually can seem a little odd and maybe even overwhelming at first. You probably won’t make the same type of connection with someone online as you would in person, there will be some differences. 

It will most likely take a little longer, you will need to find initial common ground (hint: a global pandemic is a great conversation starting point as long as you’re genuine), and you might strike out a few times before getting the flow of it. 

But trust us, networking to fill your pipeline can be really beneficial. And we encourage all of our customers to continue prospecting efforts while social distancing continues. We’re in unprecedented times and our generation is facing an uphill economic battle.

Get started:

  • Checking out online groups, forums and communities.
  • Getting familiar with a video chat tool like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.
  • Thinking about how you could provide value. Remember, networking is about finding value from the conversation from BOTH sides.

We’re all in this together and everyone is facing tough times ahead. If you want to learn more about networking strategies, talk to us about our social selling.

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