What We've Learned in Business (and Life) After a Month of Self-Isolation

Melissa Battista

April 28, 2020

After a month of self-isolation, we’re sure you’ve learned some valuable business and personal lessons. We sure have. 

Of course, we’ve all read the classic “how to work from home” blog lists such as: 

  • Put “work clothes” on to make you feel like you’re in fact, at work 
  • Double-check your internet connection and set yourself up somewhere comfortable
  • Stay connected via online chats, and video conferencing

Yes, they’re all great tips and we hope you’ve been able to find what works best for you. But, what about the deeper learnings that you’ll take away with you once this is all (hopefully) over? 

We asked our own team to find out what they’ve learned from their social-isolation so far so we thought we could share some of the insights with you:

Sean Brouwer, Product Designer says:

“I have learned that it’s just as exhausting working from home as it is from the office, and how much I miss going out to eat for the ambiance and being around other happy people.”

Victoria Bitove, Director of Growth Marketing says:

“I’ve learned that the phone (not instant messaging) is a valuable product that we’ve all forgotten how to use. Picking up the phone even when you don’t know who’s calling can be rewarding. It’s only taken self-isolation for us to remember how to do that.”

Jason Ip, Account Executive says:

“I’ve learned that it's important as a business to be adaptable and flexible when it comes to working in the office AND working from home. Most businesses can complete a lot of the stuff with just a laptop and wifi connection.”

Peter Bell, Director of Customer Success says:

“How important it is to have a routine to get up and ready as if you were going to work - it's too easy to start working on your phone in bed, then migrate to the couch to continue working and ask yourself 'have I showered or brushed my teeth today!?”

Henry Bee, CEO says:

“Learning and seeing first hand just how bifurcated the economy really is. Those who embrace digital are thriving. And those who don't are going out of business. Absent universal income, it just reaffirms our mission to get as many businesses trained up on digital growth channels as quickly as possible so that they can better weather the storm.”

What we found in our conversations is that we’re all learning different things at different paces. Even though we’re not physically together, we’ve had to bond more as a team when it comes to respecting our different needs while dealing with social-isolation. 

We’re still learning every day and I bet you are too!

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