CoPilot AI's 2020 Product Roadmap: Aligning With Your Favorite Lead Gen Software

Melissa Battista

June 5, 2020

As we enter June and are officially halfway through 2020 – we thought this would be a good time to talk product. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to remain fully operational during the pandemic and our Product Team has been hard at work with several planned product releases and feature improvements. 

Since we’re so excited about what’s to come, we’re pulling back the curtain to show you what we have coming down the pipe for the end of Q2 and Q3 by sharing our product roadmap!

ICYMI: this is what the product team was up to earlier this year.

Below is what you can look forward to seeing from CoPilot AI in the next half of the year:


Multi Campaigns

Our newest product release is Multi-Campaigns. This release enables users to run multiple campaigns simultaneously, which is more aligned with how your favorite lead generation software works. It gives users the ability to test various campaigns, so you can zero in on what works best for you. 

You can A/B test messaging, target audiences and campaign styles to get the best results, faster, by comparing multiple campaigns against each other and ultimately using the one that produces the most desired results. Ultimately saving you time running one lengthy campaign at a time that may not be as fruitful vs. running multiple at once to see which one is best. 

In addition, Multi-Campaigns gives you the ability to run complementary campaigns. For example, if you are running a campaign in Washington but happen to be traveling to Seattle, you can run a dedicated campaign that focuses on just Seattle (in conjunction with your Washington campaign) in order to book in-person meetings on your trip.

Zapier Integration

To cap off Q2, we’re releasing an integration to Zapier, allowing you to move CoPilot AI data to your favorite sales applications such as Gsuite, CRMs and more. Previously, all of this data was only available within the CoPilot AI platform. 

This will be EXTREMELY helpful for users that want to pull data from CoPilot AI into their CRM. For example, you can bring “Interested” replies in CoPilot AI to your CRM or export prospects with specific tags to spreadsheets automatically, rather than having to update CRM notes manually.

Ultimately, the Zapier integration allows you to be creative in how you want your CoPilot AI data shared among other sales tools.

Filtering & CSV Export User Experience Upgrade

Moving ahead into Q3, we’re improving CSV exports so that you can export more useful, specific data. Previously, you were only able to export the entire database of prospects you’ve connected with on LinkedIn, which made reporting tedious and time-consuming.

With this release, you will be able to filter and drill down by exporting specific prospects rather than the entire database, making it easier and quicker to collect specific data as well as filter down a larger list of connections.


LinkedIn InMail Campaigns

Moving ahead into Q3, we’ll be releasing a brand new campaign type called LinkedIn InMail Campaigns. This allows users to double down on their LinkedIn efforts by targeting prospects way outside of your current network with no fear of being flagged by LinkedIn.

Why? We wanted to make it easier to access the benefits of LinkedIn InMail for our users. As long as the recipient you wish to message has an open profile, you’ll be able to reach out directly, making it easy to start conversations with new potential prospects without having to connect first.

Nurture Campaigns

Lastly, our final release in Q3 will be a brand new campaign type called Nurture Campaigns. Previously with CoPilot AI, if you were having a conversation with a prospect and the timing wasn’t right or they flat out said they weren’t interested, if you didn’t have any scheduled follow-ups, you’d likely lose that person. Now, you can move those individuals into a new campaign dedicated to nurture so you can continue to communicate with them. This is especially helpful for smaller teams that may not have a dedicated marketing team that does email nurture campaigns.

Within the nurture campaigns, you can continue to engage with potential clients overtime by scheduling messages. This would be a great way to share content, new resources or product updates with them to get them re-engaged and interested.

While the goal is to stick to this schedule as closely as possible, dates may be subject to change. However, we are extremely excited for what’s to come in the second half of this year and look forward to sharing it with you!

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